Automatic sliding doors in Melbourne offices

When it comes to using automatic sliding doors in Melbourne, it should be a simple open and shut case.

All puns aside, in the office environment, the benefit of automatic sliding doors is an ideal choice due to their ease of access, aesthetic appeal and of course, functionality and adding some sophistication to your Melbourne office space.

At Melbourne Aluminium Windows and Doors, automatic sliding doors are fast becoming a top choice in modern office design in Melbourne. Being so versatile, they’re the perfect door whether being used in a large high traffic office area or even smaller professional spaces. Let’s slide into why integrating them into your office is the way to go.

Easy way in and out

How often have you been caught carrying an awkward pile of files and you struggle to open the door? Automatic doors provide the easiest way to get in and out of your office removing the need for any manual operation. Automatic sliding doors also offer up easier movement of people, reducing congestion at entry and exit points. This is especially beneficial during peak hours when employees are arriving at or leaving the office.

Making the space look good

Practical use aside, automatic doors add a modern look and touch to the office. Their modern, contemporary design can complement a wide range of styles and interior designs, creating a welcoming and professional atmosphere. Glass sliding doors can enhance the visual look of an office by allowing natural light to flow in, creating a bright and open environment.

Automatic sliding door in Melbourne

A safe and secure door

Automatic sliding doors in Melbourne offices can be equipped with security systems, where necessary to monitor and control access to your Melbourne office space. Did you know that automatic sliding doors are designed with safety features like sensors that prevent them from closing something or if someone gets in the way, this reduces the risk of accidents and injuries.




Automatic sliding door in Melbourne

Build it your way

Automatic sliding doors are highly versatile and can be customised to meet the specific needs of any Melbourne office. They come in various sizes and finishes, allowing businesses to choose doors that align with their branding and aesthetic preferences. Whether it’s a glorious glass door for a contemporary office or a more robust door for high-security areas, there are options to suit everyone.




Do you need automatic sliding doors for your business? Find out how Melbourne Aluminium Windows and Doors can make it happen!