Wood vs Aluminium – Top Reasons to Change to Aluminium Frames for Your Windows

While wood has long been the favourite material for window frames, there is a new player in town. Aluminium is a fantastic choice if you want to save money, save the earth and save your wallet.

Have a read below to discover the top reasons to change to aluminium window frames.

They’re Highly Durable

Designed for all seasons, aluminium windows won’t crack, split or warp under extreme weather.

Most aluminium windows are coated with protective layers and treatments, which also makes them long-wearing.

They’re Lightweight Yet Extremely Strong

The downsides of using wood is that it can often be extremely heavy (particularly when using hardwood for windows).

Thankfully, aluminium serves as an equally tough choice, but without breaking your back.

This makes it perfect for DIY jobs or if you need to replace the windows at any stage.

They’re Eco-Friendly

Looking to do your part for the environment? Not only do they look great, but aluminium windows also look great for the environment.

Aluminium is 100% recyclable making it a sustainable choice for your home.

Wood vs Aluminium Windows

They’re Low Maintenance

Because aluminium windows do not rot, discolour or rot, they are an easy option to maintain.

At most, you’ll be giving your windows a quick clean a couple of times a year. We recommend using a cloth and soapy water to wipe down your windows.

Wood vs Aluminium Windows

They’re Affordable

Don’t spend a fortune on wooden window frames.

Not only does wood require more expensive maintenance but you may also need several units depending on the building.

Aluminium is much more wallet-friendly if you are looking to do multiple windows.

If you’re considering getting new window frames, contact the team at Melbourne Aluminium Windows & Doors today. They’ll be able to assist with any questions so that you can get the best windows for your home.