Top 5 Stylish Window Designs

Having great windows is a key feature of a stylish home.

But windows are a huge investment, and you want ones that will look good long-term. Not sure which ones to choose? Or maybe you simply want to update your current windows?

Have a read through the top 5 stylish window designs we’ve gathered to discover some fantastic window designs for your home.

Top 5 Stylish Window Designs

Casement Windows

Casement windows are single or double windows that open outward. These windows are perfect for areas such as above kitchen sinks but can be used in a variety of areas. Casement windows are incredibly versatile and can be used in older-style homes as well as contemporary builds.

Stained-glass Windows

If you’re looking to add something quirky to your home, stained-glass windows are a must. They can add a beautiful pop of colour to your home while keeping things fun and classy. Stained-glass windows are often custom which means you can choose the one that fits your home the best.

Bay Windows

Looking for the perfect reading nook or breakfast spot? Bay windows are made up of at least three different panels and result in great views and plenty of light.  We love the cosiness of bay windows and how they can open up a space.

Skylight Windows

Don’t have the space for a bay window? Skylight windows are a great way to add light to small spaces while still maintaining privacy. These windows are perfect for bathrooms, so you can have a bath with a view of the treetops.

Single and Double Hung Windows

Looking for something simple, stylish, and timeless? Single and double-hung windows are the most popular option for a reason. The design of these windows means that you can filter airflow to keep your home cool.

Top 5 Stylish Window Designs

If you’re looking to get new windows, there are plenty of wonderful designs to choose from.

See the team at Melbourne Aluminium Windows today to discover more about these fantastic window designs. If you have any questions feel free to contact our team to discuss your needs.