Aluminium Windows – Low Interest Loans for Double Glazed Windows

To drive down household and business energy costs, the Albanese Government is offering many incentives, including low interest loans for double glazed windows.

Firstly, Australia is playing catchup in the energy efficiency game. The Albanese Government is lowering energy costs for homes, social housing and businesses nationwide. Incentives will be offered, including low interest loans for double glazed windows and solar panels.

Low Interest Loans for Double Glazed Windows

Around 110,000 households will be eligible to receive $1bn in low interest loans for double glazing, solar panels and other energy-saving improvements. Ultimately, these measures will make homes cheaper to run and easier to keep cool and warm.

It’s all part of a $1.6bn ‘energy savings plan’ that includes $310m in tax deductions for businesses that invest in renewable energy and energy efficient measures. Australia is ranked 58th out of 63 countries for per capita energy use. However, many homes in Australia don’t meet modern energy efficiency standards. Nevertheless, climate change and energy minister Chris Bowen will improve this situation.

$1bn in loans and mortgages will be issued through a ‘household energy upgrades fund’ run by the Clean Energy Finance Corporation. The CEFC will partner with banks to upgrade homes with battery-ready solar PV, modern appliances and improvements like double glazed windows, to keep homes warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

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Low Interest Loans for Double Glazed Windows

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